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Give us a call we're more than happy to chat about your needs and wants as a buyer, we will try our best to suggest horses that we think you might want to try - we are often very busy and may not be able to take your call, please leave a text message to ask us to call you back and we will asap.

Book an Appointment,We are open Mon- Sat 8am-3pm. Please call/text to book an appointment to view the horses you may be interested in. There is no time limit on your viewing, but please be aware that we often put viewings on the same day as we can be extremely busy, particularly on Saturdays. We are more than happy for you to view any horse more than once!

Visiting us We are fairly easy to find, located at Elms Farm Equestrian Centre, Caythorpe. We have great facilities for trying out horses plus access to toilets and refreshments. One of our riders will ride first if you want them to, passports and any previous vetting certificates will be available to view also. 


So you've found a horse you want to buy! All horses are open to vet inspections and radiographs. You will need to place a deposit on the horse to secure him, this will take the horse off the market. This deposit is fully refunded if he fails the vet inspection. The deposit is 10% of the agreed sales price. Most of our horses have their own tack, which may also be for sale, so it will be worth asking how much the tack is. Please note deposit's are non refundable if you change your mind/circumstance.

Vet Inspections Once you have secured your horse you may want to get a vet to inspect your horse. CLICK HERE for a list of vets that practise in our area, you can get the horse vetted by any vet, you do not have to choose one listed, however we do ask that the vet inspection is completed within 10 days of securing the horse. A member of the verdi's team will be here to assist the vet and ride. You may want to watch the vet inspection, but don't worry if you can't make it, the vet will call you to discuss any findings.

Transport After the vet inspection you have 5 days to collect your new horse, if this period of time is likely to be longer please get in contact with Amy or Katie as there may be a livery charge. We may be able to help you with transport, so please ask us for a quote. If you do use a transport company please make sure they are fully insured to transport horses. 


All Verdi's horses are sold with a 14 day money back guarantee. During These 14 days the horse can be returned to us, for any good reason that may have not been disclosed on sale, and you will receive a full refund. - We understand that not all horses are suited to certain environments.

On Return If you wish to return the horse, all transport costs need to be covered by the buyer, the horse will need to be in the same condition he was in at the time of sale. If the horse requires veterinary attention that was not part of the pre purchase findings, this will also need to be paid for by the buyer. On return of the horse, you will be refunded the FULL purchase amount.

Our guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

After Sale

We'd love to hear from you! once you are all settled with your new horse we would absolutely love to hear from you, even send us some pictures - don't worry we won't plaster them all over social media, this is literally for our own personal benefit! 

After sales Care - If ever you are in a position where you may need to some advice please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help!

Reviews - Leaving us a review on our facebook page would be greatly appreciated! 

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